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August 6th - November 4th

The Fort Worth Police Benevolent Association Board of Directors has voted to grant a ninety (90) day “amnesty” period for any Active (Sworn) Fort Worth Police Officer to join the Fort Worth Police Benevolent Association. Please refer to the “Benefits” section of this website. Officers who have been employed with the department five (5) years or less may join at no additional cost beyond $6 per pay period. Officers with greater than five (5) years of service must pay a lump sum amount equivalent to the dues that would have been collected from the date they achieved five (5) years of service, in addition to $6 per pay period. The “catch up” amount is to ensure equality among members as well as maintaining the soundness of the fund. The amnesty period begins August 6, 2018 and ends November 4, 2018. Please complete the New Member Application and Voluntary Payroll Deduction Form found on the Resources page and email to